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We have relied on AccuMeasure for years to provide us with up to date, and accurate, CAD records of all our Charlotte industrial properties. AccuMeasure is a valuable business partner, providing documentation that we use both in our legal documents and in our marketing materials. We can always be confident that what exists in the field will be translated in to their work documents.

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Childress Klein Properties

Our Services

BOMA Area Calculation

Laser Measured Floor Plans

Blueprint Cleanup

Paper to CAD Conversion

Evacuation Plans

Field Tests and Verification

Accurately Measured. Accurately Drawn.

AccuMeasure is a company located in the Charlotte metro area that specializes in Laser Measurement and Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafting.

BOMA Area Calculations - The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) has a uniform set of criteria that has become the industry standard for measurement and division of commercial rental property. The uniformity of BOMA calculations allow for a simpler comparison between properties and prevents lease disputes between owners and tenants.

Laser Measured Floor Plans - AccuMeasure floor plans are constructed using laser calculations for the highest degree of accurate blueprint measurement. Laser measurement technology is fast and accurate, raising the bar for the industry in terms of efficiency.

Paper to CAD Conversion - CAD drawings created from paper blueprints by AccuMeasure have superior portability and reproducibility, easier storage and retrieval, and more multimedia features than the original paper copies. The same service can also be used to create floor plan images for marketing purposes.

Backed by an experienced and knowledgeable staff, AccuMeasure is located in the greater Charlotte Area and serves the Carolinas and surrounding states. Call 704-243-1362 for all your measuring needs.



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