Frequently Asked Questions

What services does AccuMeasure offer?

AccuMeasure specializes in commercial building measurement, providing laser-measured floor plans and BOMA calculations to enhance property management and marketing strategies.

How does laser measurement technology benefit my project?

Laser measurement ensures the highest level of accuracy in capturing property dimensions, crucial for space planning, architectural design, and commercial real estate transactions.

What are BOMA standards, and why are they important?

BOMA standards are industry benchmarks for measuring commercial properties, essential for fair leasing agreements and efficient space management.

Can AccuMeasure convert paper blueprints to CAD?

Yes, AccuMeasure offers paper to CAD conversion services, enhancing blueprint manageability and facilitating easy modifications for renovations or design updates.

How do AccuMeasure's services enhance property marketing?

Detailed and accurate floor plans from AccuMeasure can significantly improve property listings and presentations, making them more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

What is the turnaround time for receiving completed measurements and drawings?

While specific times can vary based on project scope, AccuMeasure prides itself on quick and detailed service, with efficiency a key part of their process.

Reproduced with permission of BOMA